This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme - Societal Challenge 1 (DG CONNECT/H) under grant agreement No 643647 


The project

GrowMeUp main aim is to increase the years of independent and active living, and the quality of life, of older persons with light physical or mental health problems (at the age of 65+) who live alone at home and can find pleasure and relief in getting support or stimulation to carry out their daily activities over the ageing process.

GrowMeUp will provide an affordable service robotic system able to learn the older persons needs and habits over time and enhance, ‘grow up’/scale up, its functionality, compensating for the older persons capabilities degradation, to support, encourage and engage the older persons to stay longer active, independent and socially involved, in carrying out their daily life at home over time. State of the art cloud computing technologies and machine learning mechanisms will be used enabling the GrowMeUp service robot to extend and increase its knowledge continuously over time, but also potentially share and distribute its knowledge with multiple other robots, through the cloud, so that other robots making use of the cloud, can learn from the experience of each other and increase thus their functionality/competencies and at the same time reduce learning effort.

Implicit daily activities support will be provided in a human like way characterized by behaviour and emotional understanding, intelligent dialoguing and personalized services provision. GrowMeUp will be introduced early enough to the older person, creating thus a positive long-term relationship between the older and the robot, considering persons as active collaborators with whom the robot can interact in order to increase its knowledge about their personalized needs. Furthermore, the robot will be connected to a virtual care network that will provide for continuous care, but also motivation and education to the older persons of how to best use the platform.